Angel Tree 2015


The Angel Tree program, now in its fifth year, provides an opportunity in which volunteers purchase gifts for children of incarcerated parents and include within the gift a personal letter written by that parent. Last year’s Angel Tree program served 245 prisoners from 19 prisons, with gifts requested for 417 children, together with 417 letters expressing love to their children.


This year we would like to work together with you to offer a gesture of love – the giving of Christmas gifts – to the greatest possible number of needy children with parents serving a prison sentence. Even the smallest gesture of love can change a human being’s life forever.


Thank you so much for helping us!




To begin with, I would like to greet everyone in your organization, and also apologize for bothering you, but I wish to thank you for fulfilling a wish. A few days ago I had visitors, my girlfriend and our two children. Honestly, the visit was a bit strange. I would say it was unusually satisfying and enjoyable. At first I thought

it was because of the Christmas season, but I let that go, thinking, who would want to spend Christmas in prison. Then my girlfriend started talking about you. She said that some nice lady from your organization had called her and asked if our children had any specific wish for a Christmas gift. My girlfriend told me that during the entire conversation she kept thinking it was a hoax. But when she received a notice of a big package at the post office and went to pick it up, she found that someone had sent a huge box of diapers and another gift for our older son; she started crying from happiness. You know, my girlfriend is such a good woman who has sacrificed so much for me, and thanks to my stupidity at being in prison, her life right now is extremely complicated and difficult. She doesn’t admit it – but we have lived together for 10 years – so I recognize that everything is really bad. I have written several requests for work in order to help out my girlfriend by contributing at least something to the needs at home, but so far I haven’t had any success, despite the fact that I am completely healthy and there is available work to do here. Well, nevermind… I’m the one to blame for being in prison.


I want to thank you for your good heart and willingness to help, because thanks to your noble behavior you have made at least two persons very happy – my girlfriend and our 4-year old son, and for which I am very grateful and thank you so much!




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