PRO ANGLICKY MLUVICÍ DÁRCE: How to send the Christmas gift to a child in ATP

Angel Tree Program


Instructions for gift sponsors:


Thank you so much for volunteering to participate in the Angel Tree Program, by sending a Christmas gift to the child of an incarcerated parent. We really appreciate you! Allow us to explain the process to you…


You have been given the name, address and age of a child (or children). You have also received the telephone number of the person who cares for the child. Please be sure to keep the letter from the parent in a safe place as well as all the information about the child. If the parent’s letter were lost, we wouldn’t be able to replace it.


  1. Do not give the letter or the child’s personal information to anyone. This information is only for you, the gift sponsor. Please protect the privacy of the family you are helping. Do not publicize the information.
  2. Purchase a gift based on the age and sex of the child. The recommended minimum price of a gift is: 250kc for a very small child; 350kc for a child from 7-11 years old; 450kc for a child from 11-15 years old. The gift must be a newly purchased item specifically for that child. This most likely will be the only gift the child will receive, but in any case, it will be the main gift.
  3. Telephone personally the child’s caregiver in order to ask of a personal need or wish of the child.
  4. Provide the caregiver with your first name and telephone number, but never your address in order to protect your privacy.
  5. Place the parent’s letter together with the gift and wrap in Christmas wrapping paper. Place the wrapped package in a box for sending. If you are sending a gift to more than one child, be sure to write each child’s name on each gift.


How to correctly address the package for sending:


On the package you must write clearly the name of the caregiver on the first line, and under that the name of the child. If you have forgotten to write the caregiver’s name, and have only written the child’s name, the post will return it to sender.


How to write the return address:


Do not put your own address on the package.


You must use the address for Prison Fellowship Czech Republic:

MVS, z.s.

Nad Habrovkou 3, Praha 6, 16400



Other possible suggestions:


  1. Take a photo of your gift before wrapping it and email or send by post to MVS. We meet regularly with incarcerated parents who are thrilled to see the gift that has been given to their child in their name. The joy you experience will be doubled!
  2. If you would like to deliver the gift to the family instead of sending it, please contact us and we will advise you how to do this. The family must agree to this means of delivery and also agree on a pre-determined time.


When to send the gift: No later than 16.12!


What not to do:


  1. Do not put the name of the incarcerated parent on the return address of the package. For the return address, use only the address for Prison Fellowship Czech Republic (see above)
  2. During the telephone call to the caregiver, do not allow any manipulation. If there is a request for anything besides the gift, please contact us right away.
  3. If the caregiver requests that you not send a gift to the child, please respect their wish! We will send you the name of a different child.
  4. Don’t forget, that the child is anticipating receiving a gift because the incarcerated parent has informed the family that a gift is on the way. Please don’t disappoint the child and their family.
  5. Only send a newly purchased gift.


Our recommendation: Keep the contact information of the child’s family throughout the year in order to pray for the child, and, if you are interested, you may contact the family again in the future, for example at Easter, or summer vacation or at the beginning of the school year. You may want to buy the child a special gift during these times. With Angel Tree, Christmas can be all year long. Families of incarcerated parents are grateful for your expressions of kindness. If your offer of help to a family is accepted but you are uncertain how to proceed, please contact us and we will assist you.


Thank you again, for your willingness to help the child who cannot change their situation, and for showing compassion to them at this time in their lives.


May the Lord bless you this Christmas, as you open your heart to a special child and his/her family.



MVS, z.s. Kelly Prudek